Mark Patton Painting in Plein Air My friends and family find it comical when we go for walks in nature together and, at some point, I inevitably disappear. They can be fairly certain that I have found a waterfall or babbling creek and am gathering photographs and inspiration for an upcoming painting.

I am an artist, based in Ottawa and my mission is to create art that connects people to hidden gems of local beauty. Through art I wish to inspire people to take steps to protect natural spaces. Protecting and restoring biodiversity is important to me as is spending time in the outdoors.

Within my paintings there is a blending, and at times a tension between expression and realism, as I strive to represent the feelings evoked by a subject matter. For me, art is about capturing the emotions or felt senses that I experience in nature’s presence. My art reflects a belief that nature can be expressed with emotion and bold colours, while remaining true to its textures and flows.

Photo: Marie-Christine Bedard