Conservation and art are both very important to me and go hand in hand. Protecting natural spaces and supporting ecological diversity is integral to my values. It is my hope that my art will help build an emotional connection to spaces such as Gatineau Park and the Dumoine watershed. One way for me to live this value is by donating 10% of proceeds from all art pieces that are set in these two regions. These funds will go to Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Ottawa Valley and their conservation efforts in these places.

 Gatineau Park

As an avid hiker, triathlete and cross-country skier, I have spent countless hours in Gatineau Park.  It is my space to unwind, connect and rejuvenate. For my latest project, I have tasked myself with capturing what I love about this park.  While Gatineau Park may not have the grandeur of other parks such as Banff and Jasper National Parks, it has many hidden gems and its own beauty, biodiversity and richness.  From the cascading waters of the “Carbide” Willson Mill ruins to the Eardley escarpment to calm waters of lakes such as Lac Fortune and Lac Pink, the park is a great place to connect to nature and experience artistic inspiration. It is my dream to share my love of the park with people in the Ottawa Valley. I also hope to raise awareness about the park and its unique ecosystems and history.

Gatineau Park has 118 rare or endangered species and 50 lakes yet it lacks many of the protections afforded to national and provincial parks. Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Ottawa Valley chapter is working hard to rectify this with its campaign: Gatineau Park: Make it a “real” park.  Go to the CPAWS-OV website and sign the petition to increase environmental protection for the park.

Dumoine Watershed

I have had the privilege of being able to experience and explore one of the last remaining wild, intact watersheds in southern Canada. The Dumoine River is the last large undammed river in Southern Quebec. It is a renowned canoeing waterway and provides an important link to boreal forests.  I had an amazing experience painting en plein air in this beautiful watershed and unfragmented boreal forest with many talented artists in 2018 and 2019. For more information, go to